Welcome to King William Little League

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 King William Little League is devoted to fair play and sportsmanship. Our number one priority is that players who choose to play in our league enjoy their experience and create lasting, positive memories. We expect that all participants in our league including Coaches, Players, Parents and Officials have the same mindset and contribute to building the exceptional experience for all those involved in the game.


KWLL Boundaries

Boundaries for King William County Little League. The boundaries are King William and King & Queen Counties. The North boundary is Essex County and Middlesex County; East by Gloucester County, South by the Pamunkey River, with Hanover & New Kent Counties on the Southside of the river; West by Caroline County for both King William and King & Queen County. The Northern part of King & Queen County and going southeast within the county lines to the electrical transmission line is the southern boundary for King William boundaries.

King William Little League Boundary Map



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