Welcome to King William Little League
Behind the Plate


Please contact Brandon Thorpe Phone:804-908-4978 or Email: skinsfan416@gmail.com

Umpires are the backbone of this organization. Thank you for your willingness to contribute your time for the league.

If you are a student and need volunteer hours for school credits, you may contact Brandon Thorpe to request games. Be sure to bring your log sheet to the game with you, and once you have completed your scheduled game, the Board Member on duty will be happy to sign the log to attest for hours worked.

LL Umpire Resource Center

Little League International is pleased to announce the new Umpire Resource Center

This valuable resource is now available Free at LittleLeagueUmpire.org. Whether you are a novice umpire or an experienced umpire, the Umpire Resource Center is a valuable tool in improving or honing your umpiring skills.

The Umpire Resource Center is packed with educational content and video clips on plate and base mechanics to print and news articles that will provide an opportunity for Little League's to look to this resource to build, recruit, train and retain a program of volunteers within their leagues. The resource center will also enable umpires to remain updated on the rules and regulations, exchange ideas and offer suggestions that will continually improve their game.

"Little League International has prided itself on its willingness to stay at the forefront of youth sports by providing its players, coaches, volunteers, and now umpires, with adaptable training materials to make their experiences safe, enjoyable and fun," Stephen D. Keener, Little League Baseball and Softball's President and Chief Executive Officer, said. "The countless hours and meticulous effort that has gone into the development of this free web-based product was done so out of respect for the commitment that it takes for an individual to umpire. From the casual parent trying to help out, to the person with no children in the league, but who wants stay involved with Little League, this resource will make you better."

Register for the Free Umpire Resource Center today at www.LittleLeagueUmpire.org.